Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #80: Sunset over Datça

2011. Datça, Turkey

Edited in Darktable, using Ubuntu Studio

Now that I have a dedicated blog space, I am beginning to experiment with writing longer content and context for the images. This is the first such attempt. 🙂

The white balance of this image is quite close to the original jpeg. If anything, I have shifted cooler, toward blue, a little to strengthen the color of the vegetation and water.

The yellow tint is not a camera accident. The colors have a tendency to be on a very warm palette in this region (and most of southwest mediterranean shore of Turkey). Any photo I have taken over the years in these areas have strong yellows and browns, with vegetation leaning toward brownish and yellowish side of green. Add the sunset colors – which are also strong – and you get this:

cropped photo before any of the other edits in Darktable. (c) Eylul Dogruel 2017. CC by-sa

On some of the previous photos I have edited out a lot of the warm colors to get a more cheerful and positive effect but in this case atmosphere is part of the image as the objects in it.

Edits on this are:

  • many many layers of noise removal. My venerable sony H50 is really not the best in “low light” conditions – low light being anything that isn’t bright noon sunlight. 🙂
  • The fake depth of field was an accident while denoising, but I decided to keep it in this case.
  • Some shape and color boosting. More shape boosting than I normally do, but the dreamy look it results in complements the light in this image.

As with many of the older images, no real high resolution version of this. It MIGHT be big enough to print on a postcard but definitely no art prints. Still, it was a fun exercise.

This content is cc by-sa.