Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #82: Dusk over Fjord / The Passing

Image Information:

“Dusk over Fjords” or “The Passing” (read more below on this)

2017, Westfjords, Iceland

Edited in Darktable, Hugin and ImageMagick using Ubuntu Studio

Prints and merchandise available for this work.

This work is an eligible for Art Collector tier signed prints at patreon.


Technical notes:

This actually started its life as an experiment in super-resolution.

Super-resolution is a technique where multiple images with very slight shift in them, when combined can create a much higher resolution image.

Now this is ideally done with 20 or so images. (which is what I have done before), but I was curious if it could be done using only 5 images I had on hand for this. In my experience so far, from astrophotography and night photography, even two image stacking can make a huge difference on the noise at least even through you ideally want more, even in case of a well lit object like the milkway. Would the same principle hold for up-scaling?

Additional challenge was that these images were really not meant for this. Exposures varying between 1-2 seconds. (sky was getting darker during this period) and 2 of the images were taken several minutes later, from a slightly different position.

End result? Flawless 10000×6000 image (the final crop is a bit smaller), almost twice the height and twice the width. Not bad at all. I could have probably gone higher resolution with this, but the images don’t perfectly align.

Huging’s default settings align the 5 images correctly.

Hugin did overall a fantastic job aligning these through without much extra setting needed. It was literally importing the 5 images after some preprocessing. Getting Hugin to align them, and crop carefully to make sure I only had the parts that were overlapping between all 5 images. I probably could have used control points to fix it further, might still go back and do that.

The images were then averaged using imagemagick, and then the whole thing was post processed further in Darktable. The decision to flip the image upside down was artistic and more in line with where this series of photographs and videos have been going. (aided by the fact that fjord water was just that calm enough to sustain the illusion of an upright image that is just slightly off)

This technique is fun to use, and I will probably stack images for things that are not milkyway or astrophotography. It will also means some more flexibility in my current lack of a proper professional camera and also complete lack of optical zoom at least for landscapes.

If you are curious about the technique, here is a tutorial on the technique. (although it uses photoshop.)

Wikipedia has a more technical overview of the topic.


Why Two Titles?

My initial plan for Edit Backlog (not that there was that much planning involved) was to keep the daily posts separate from the more conceptual art oriented side of my practice. It was intended to be a way to take a step back, and create without worrying if what I create fit to the theme of the next art application, or fit any theme or “text” at all. It was also intended a way to deal with an accumulation of visuals and incomplete art that was lying around unfinished because I failed to make them relevant to the contemporary art setting.

This division would have probably worked for someone whose primary interest isn’t the lines and crossovers points between different cultures/practices of art. In retrospect, it was probably inevitable that what I perceived as two disjointed ventures would bleed together. Also, in retrospect, I am not sure if that they were two disjointed ventures at all.

So this photograph, it is travel photography and it is not.

It fits the form of travel photography: long exposure, beautiful landscape, (and Iceland, that it is Iceland in 2017 is very relevant)

It also breaks too many rules of photography. It is not exactly a realistic rendering of a view. The choices that renders it non-realistic is what gives it the intentional meaning.

So which one is it?

…or does me asking which one it is chooses a side?

…or the fact that it is on patreon, and that its prints are sold in redbubble that decides it?

Is what hashtags I chose in instagram what decides it finally?

#roadtrip #artcollector #wanderlust

PS: So this image has two titles, for two different contexts… or does the two titles form one title?