Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog 83: What the Faery Has Forgotten

Image Information:

2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Edited using GIMP, in Ubuntu Studio


The instagram-filter style effect in this photo is very intentional. It was the type of edit I was exploring using open source software. I eventually moved most of my exploration to Darktable from GIMP as I was really looking for solutions where I could apply a solution to multiple images from a shoot.

This being said, there is a lot you can do in GIMP, that you can’t do in Darktable. Different software… different purposes, both very good at what they do.

The title of the blog post “What the Faery has Forgotten” isn’t actually the title of the image, it was the title of the series, this image was part of at some point in time. I am realizing in many ways that series was beginning of what I am currently working on now and including some of the photography in this blog. Actually another one of those works already made it to edit backlog in a slightly different format. I’ll let you guess.

As for this image, I have a another similar one, I am thinking I might consider stacking it with that to see how it works… I also like the way this one stands on its own through. 🙂


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