Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #84: The Tilt

Image Information

“The Tilt”
2013, Somewhere over Europe
Edited using Gimp and Darktable using Ubuntu Studio



As the previous image, this photo is also one from one of the original 5 on “What the Faery has Forgotten”. Unlike the last one that remained more or less on its original state of edit from GIMP. I did decide to tackle a couple of issues I had with this image on Darktable. However, the bulk of this edit was done in GIMP. Main challenge in this image (as is with most, airplane window pictures) is to get contrast and details. GIMP gives more control in doing that, although I do plan to attempt this on Darktable at some point (especially since I have several more of the images in the harddrive and it would be nice to port the edit to multiple images)

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