Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #85: The Night Ahead

Image Information

“The Night Ahead”
2013, Greenland
Edited using GIMP and Darktable using Ubuntu Studio



Another one from the same series as the previous two posts here and here. This one also was changed a bit in Darktable, after the main edit in Gimp.

It is not that common to catch Greenland so clear overhead while flying. While I was taking the photo I remember more than one person stopping at hall to peer at out of the window sides at the view. As it is with the previous posts, I do want to eventually go over this image to see if I can redo it only in Darktable to adapt it to other images I have taken with this. In this case, it might be tougher through as I had to work with a much less than pristine airplane window. ☺

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