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Edit Backlog #87: All that Remains In Tatters

Image Information

Clouds and the Moon
2017, Istanbul, Turkey
Sony a6000 + kit lens, Composite of 5 images, Hugin, ImageMagick, Krita and Darktable in Ubuntu Studio



Serene moon contrasting with tattered clouds. I went out to test my new camera and ended up with a portfolio piece that is part of the ongoing series.

A detail from “All that Remains In Tatters” by Eylul Dogruel

I have a new camera. I don’t intend to quit my android photography, but there are some things that you can’t do (yet) with a cellphone, and it will be nice to have the option going forward.

Another detail from “All that Remains In Tatters” by Eylul Dogruel

This was a tricky scene to stack, as it involves clouds that were moving and not many anchor points. After several different approaches, I decided to lower my stack down to 5 images only, and stack the moon and clouds separately using Hugin and Imagemagick, I put the resulting image together in Krita, and post processed it in Darktable.

Cloud detail from “All that Remains In Tatters” by Eylul Dogruel

Krita might come across as a strange choice for this, but it is a bit more stable with the large file (16bit, 80Mp), and it is a bit easier to align layers manually than it is currently in GIMP.

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