Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #88: What Lies Beneath the Stars – Redux

Image Information

a frame from the original gif, re-edited.
2016, Datca, Turkey
Edited using Darktable in Ubuntu Studio



This is one of the frames from What Lies Beneath the Stars. Despite the fact that it is visible only for a second on the gif, it was actually the photograph that inspired the final form of the whole work. While I like this gif as it is, as the grainy quality fit the context of the work. Its been on my mind to revisit this frame, as my nightphotography editing skills (read: noise cleaning skills) have come far since I took these initial images last October.
Still, I didn’t expect it would be possible to clean a single frame this well without blurring or stacking and I am a bit startled as to how this turned out. ☺

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