Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #93: At the Edge of the World 4

Image Information

Last one from this set for now
2017, Iceland
Android LG-V10. Edited using Darktable in Ubuntu Studio



One of the challenges of doing these regular posts is that it is very easy to fall into an autopilot. Straighten each image, follow rule of 3rds without thinking of the context, and defaulting to certain crop proportions because they are easy to map to print sizes and merchandise. It is easy for it to get harder and harder, to see clearly if an image is working or not working. Is it done or not?

Also new gear or techniques can get even more in the way of doing things, which in this case, while I love my new camera and gear, it really did. Image stacking, infrared and astrophotography are all quite work intensive workflows, and sometimes a break is needed.

The goal of this exercise was to clear my mind a little, and just focus on creative side of editing.

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