Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #94: Ink

Image Information

This is the color of the mediterranean sea in infrared.
2017, Datca, Turkey
Sony a6000 + Samyang 21mm F1.4 + Hoya B72 Infrared filter
Edited using Darktable in Ubuntu Studio



I knew intellectually that blue hues tend to show dark in infrared filter, but nothing prepares you for sea that is the color of ink.

This photograph also demonstrates how a very fast lens helps when doing infrared photography. 36″ exposure, early morning, this image is perfectly exposed, which is very critical for infrared photography. On normal digital photography the conventional advice is to expose for your highlights. On infrared you can of course, as long as you are ok with cleaning horrible color noise in shadow areas.

The lens vignetting is a bit heavy on this, Samyang is a bit heavy on vignetting when wide open to begin with, and the filter is added on top of it. I need to create a lens profile for it, although knowing color noise issues on underexposed areas, it might be less problematic to simply leave the vignet in.

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