Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #95: Echo

Image Information

2017, near Muğla, Turkey Sony a6000 + kit lens
Edited using Darktable in Ubuntu Studio



Sometimes you have a split second to see, decide and take a photograph. Sitting in the bus, this was one of those cases. I already had the camera out because of it was sunset and that is guaranteed to give some good pictures. All I remember is noticing “oh there is something reflecting the light” aiming the camera into the general vicinity and hoping it would focus in time because there was no time to wait before pressing the button.

Turned out to be more apocalyptic. Part of it is the urban landscape creeping into the scenery but it is also the lighting decision. I have been playing around with underexposing the sky to get deeper colors and more dramatic highlights. That is the same approach I have used in “All that Remains in Tatters” from a few images back.

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