Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #96: Sun Behind the Clouds

  1. Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey. Sony a6000 + kit lens

Edited using Darktable in Ubuntu Studio



This photo was taken in afternoon, when we had half an hour of break at Marmaris bus stop during the trip back to Istanbul. The sky was considerably brighter than the resulting photo implies.
“Expose to your highlights” is the general recommendation when taking a photograph. The idea is that the data for darker areas are there and they can be brought back in post processing. What I do with many of these cloud photos through is, instead of bringing darkest of the darks (which is often ground features) up to visibility, I give the whole range of values to clouds. Within that, biggest value range is given to highlights leaving most of the cloud in a dark gray. The end result is a dramatic cloudscape.

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