Az Bulutlu


Edit Backlog #101: Crescent Moon

Image Information

Thin crescent very low on horizon. Composite of 7 images.
Sony a6000 + Samyang 135mm F2.0. Detail.
2017, Istanbul, Turkey
Edited using Darktable, Hugin, Siril and Gimp in Ubuntu Studio


Testing out my new 135mm I decided to see if I had enough zoom tackle the moon problem. The answer is, well… sort of. Also lesson learnt to not shoot handheld on a 135mm lens with no image stabilization on low light: I had about 7 frames out that were usable, out of 20-30 shots.

The process for this image went as darktable for initial sharpening and adjustments. Hugin for rough alignment. Siril for rotation fix and fine alignment. Gimp to convert .fits file back to tiff, and darktable for final crop and adjustments.

The reason for the two step aligning process is because, while Hugin is great at dealing with lens distortion and big disrepancies, it can’t handle well rotation issues especially when you have a single object with no other objects to be used as reference. Siril has features that is specifically for aligning celestial object images. However it really cannot handle lens distortion or large movements within the frame.

The two steps process gives an ok end result(although in this particular case I could have probably done the lens distortion fix on darktable and skipped Hugin)


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